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There is much more to experience in summer town Karlshamn, in addition to all the activities already described here. We would like to mention a few more activities which are worth knowing about:


This festival is one of the country's largest and liveliest city festivals. Every year in week 29 – in the middle of July - the archipelago town of Karlshamn is showing all its charm and releases all inhibitions. The city of Karlshamn is offering a festival in large format under the name Karlshamn Baltic Festival (Östersjöfestivalen). Dining areas are a popular feature of the festival image, as well as singers, jazz bands and samba bands. Not to mention the carnival parade! Sort of like Brazilian Carnival à la Karlshamn.

There is also the so called Baltic Song Contest, where artists meet from neighboring countries, contesting in a noble song and music contest. The festival can be described in as many ways as it has visitors. But once have you visited the festival in Karlshamn, you will remember the smells of flowers and fried herring, the music in backyards and small alleys, the scantily clad nights, the market fun, the culture district and harbor life, the relaxed atmosphere and the happy crowds.

Welcome to the Karlshamn Baltic Festival! More information can be found on the following link (click on the picture):

Note: There will be no Baltic Sea Festival in the 2021 season!


Busfabriken is Blekinge's largest indoor playland. Here, all children can jump, climb, hustle, run and play as much as they want. Busfabriken is Europe's largest indoor playground with climbing racks, suspension bridges, crawling corridors, giant balls, huge roller coaster, ball ocean, trampolines, pedal cars, bouncy castles, multisport arena, airbazoka and baby corners for the smallest. You can find more information at the following link (click on the picture):


Do you like summer theater? Then Karlshamn has a lot to offer. Sandelius Culture & Entertainment is a theater production company, that takes beautiful theater productions throughout Sweden, but they’re located in Karlshamn. So, it might not surprise you that many of their productions can be experienced right here in Karlshamn. In addition to Sandelius, there is also another production company that produces theater, namely Teatersmedjan. 
For more information about the Sandelius theater productions, please look at the following link:


The museum's exhibits tell about Blekinge's history from past to present! A very interesting museum. There is also the Children's Museum and a play area for children. Free admission! More information can be found on www.blekingemuseum.se, or click on the following link:


Across the Abu Garcia factory in Svängsta you will find the ABU museum. Here you can see everything about how Henning Hammarlund started his pocket watch factory in 1887. After bankruptcy in 1921 Carl-August Borgström bought the remaining stock and started his own business. From 1939 he began making fishing gear, and later he became one of the biggest manufacturers of fishing tackle. In the ABU museum you can see everything about the ABU history in one of Sweden's finest industrial museums. The museum does not have a website, but more information can be found at:

Opening hours: 24.06 – 31.07
Monday – Friday: 13.00 – 16.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 13.00
Price: 30 SEK p/p (free admission children ≤ 11 years)


In a beautiful environment you can go hiking in Tararp and see the remnants of the Ice Age. It is only a few kilometers from the campsite. Here are geological relics, known as potholes. Previously it was believed that giants cooked their food in these mountain holes. Potholes where formed when gushing meltwater from the ice with great force turned out holes in the rock. A real attraction even for those who are not as interested in geology. At the potholes area there is a small picnic area overlooking the farmland. A completely different type of attraction in Tararp is the centuries old country store. In order to see the inside of the store you have to order a visit. There is no website, but more information can be found at (click on the picture):

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