Fishing Långasjönäs


Are you one of those who do not fish as often - or not at all - but still think it's fun to get out? Perhaps with your children, and simply have some fun with a rod and bait? You can easily buy a cheap rod in the kiosk and sit down at the water edge, and simply wait for any minnow or perch to take your bait. Simply a lovely and relaxing family activity when you're on vacation.

Of course, you can fish more serious also in Lake Långasjön. There are large pike, perch and even pike-perch. You may want to rent a boat to increase the chances of catching a real nice and big fish. We have a total of 7 boats for rent in Lake Långasjön. We also have some electric motors which can be rented. Gasoline outboard motors are not allowed on Lake Långasjön, because the water in lake Långasjön is the municipality's drinking water. Would you like a depth map? Simply ask for this in the reception.

To fish in Lake Långasjön, you need a fishing license which can be purchased at the reception. Children under 16 fish for free. From the age of 16 need a fishing license. Only one fishing rod per person is allowed. To see more information about the fishing rules and to look at a map of the fishing lakes, just click on the following links: FISHING RULES and FISHING MAP.


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