Fishing Kroksjöarna

FISHING IN KROKSJÖARNA LAKES (rainbow trout, perch, pike, etc.)

Fishing for rainbow trout in one of our three enchanting Kroksjöarna lakes is one of the most popular ways of fishing here in Blekinge. Every season 1300 kg of rainbow trout is implanted every season, at various times between April and September, and in sizes from 800 grams up to 6 kg. Fishing in our Kroksjöarna lakes is a lovely relaxing activity, in the middle of nature reserve Långasjönäs. The calming nature and serenity are healing for the soul and many of our guests look forward to come to us for a weekend or week of fishing, many of them every year, or even several times a year.

You can fish from shore if you want. There are various bridges in each lake one can make use of. But people often rent boats to get around the lake a little easier and get access to the best fishing places. We have a total of 11 boats in the Kroksjöarna lakes that can be rented for a small charge. You can also rent an electric motor to make it even easier to get around on the lake.

Gasoline outboard motors are not allowed on these lakes! It is also not permitted to bring your own boat. Only our boats (which are owned by the recreational department of the Karlshamns community) are allowed. Many fish with a fly rod, but you can also fish with a spinning rod. Only in the Stora Krokjön lake it is allowed to fish with a fishing pole. Please click on the link FISHING RULES to read more about the rules that apply.


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