Eriksberg Wildlife Park & Nature Reserve

Eriksberg is Scandinavia's largest wildlife park and nature reserve. Go on safari in Eriksberg and see wild animals in their natural environment. Red deer, fallow deer, European bison, wild boar and mouflons are moving freely in this unique landscape. The journey brings you through the fascinating rocky landscape of oak forests, dense beech forests and gnarled pine trees. There is a rich bird life here and one of the world's largest population of the protected red water lily. The safari tour is about 10 km long and you drive your own car through the park.

There is also a local store where you can buy locally produced wild products, like meat from deer, wild boar and elk. And when you want to enjoy a really good meal, then you should definitely try the restaurant, which is located in the middle of the nature park and is (one of) the best restaurant in Blekinge! More information can be found on

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