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A day in the archipelago is an unforgettable experience! The archipelago contains many islands, which are easily accessible thanks to the archipelago traffic. Boats are going out in the summertime from Karlshamn, Matvik and Järnavik to the various islands.

Experience the beautiful archipelago in Karlshamn by sailing with a coastal boat, go ashore on one of the islands and came back on board when the next coastal boat passes. You can also simply stay on board and enjoy the wonderful view from the boat. Discover the most beautiful places, the small fishermen's houses, the beautiful beaches and enjoy the Swedish summer at its best. The coastal boats depart several times daily from different locations. You can buy tickets with cash (Swedish) money on the boat.

For coastal boats starting from Karlshamn and Matvik you can find timetables on:

For coastal boats starting from Järnavik you can find timetables on:

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